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Regulatory Services

NCCI’s Regulatory Services division is composed of three departments, which are integral to our success:

State Relations
Establishes and maintains productive relationships with insurance regulators, legislators, insurance trade associations, and employer and agent groups at the state level. This area also:

  • Ensures rate adequacy by proposing and securing approval of various rate, rule, and form filings
  • Obtains approval from regulators for proprietary NCCI programs
  • Provides support and expertise to insurance regulators and system stakeholders
  • Analyzes workers compensation insurance system cost drivers, proposed legislation, and reform initiatives
  • Extends technical expertise to the industry with NCCI research

Residual Market
Operates to achieve and sustain self-funded workers compensation residual markets and efficiently manage workers compensation reinsurance pools and plans. This area:

  • Administers state workers compensation residual markets
  • Audits, consults, and provides operational, financial, and management services to assigned carriers, reinsurance pools, and other customers

Regulatory Assurance
Oversees NCCI’s underwriting manuals and classification system. NCCI’s underwriting manuals include the Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance, Experience Rating Plan Manual, Retrospective Rating Plan Manual, Forms Manual, Scopes Manual, and various user guides. This area also:

  • Researches, develops, and supports changes to the classification system
  • Administers the Classification Quality Assurance Program
  • Manages individual risk inspection services, state appeals boards, and the dispute resolution process
  • Provides expert technical support on classifications, rules, rating plans, and residual market issues
  • Develops national and state item filing proposals
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