NCCI Holdings Employee Testimonials

Data Resources

The Data Resources division collects and validates data from the workers compensation insurance industry - the foundation of virtually all NCCI’s activities. This data is ultimately used in all of our core products and services.

The Data Resources division:

  • Collects various types of data from workers compensation insurers
  • Ensures high quality data through the development of a robust set of editing and validation techniques
  • Provides technical support and extensive educational opportunities to our data providers
  • Ensures NCCI offers customers the most advanced data reporting tools in the industry
  • Develops and implements data quality and compliance standards and solutions to ensure the highest quality of data
  • Provides data stewardship and management of all data collected for use in our core products
  • Participates actively with industry associations that set data reporting standards and requirements
  • Prepares all industry communication and documentation related to data reporting standards and requirements
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