NCCI is a company known for the transparency of its business practices. We have a reputation as the unimpeachable source for accurate, objective workers compensation information.

Ensuring Honesty, Fairness, Ethics
Our position in today’s business world requires us to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest and even the appearance of such conflicts. It also requires us to maintain confidentiality of information and sensitivity to the data we collect and use. As such, we are governed by a Code of Business Conduct that outlines our expectations regarding honesty, fairness, and ethical behavior.

Our Code of Business Conduct assists employees to act with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in all aspects of their day-to-day activities. This formal communication of our commitment to ethical and legal compliance:

  • Provides procedures for employees to take preventive action, seek advice, and report potential violations
  • Enhances our employees’ ability to recognize compliance issues through interactive online training
  • Encourages honest and open communication at all levels of the company concerning matters affecting our ethical and legal obligations
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