The NCCI Green Initiative has been in place for several years as a way to raise consciousness of environmental issues, reduce our carbon footprint, and find new ways to conserve our natural resources. It is our goal to create a brighter, fresher workplace and improve the world we live in.

Corporate Steps
Examples of our commitment to “going green” include:

  • Replacing some air-conditioning equipment and rescheduling air-conditioning cycles to avoid peak demands
  • Installing time-sensitive exhaust systems in the restrooms, gym, and day care center
  • Installing motion-sensitive lighting in some storage rooms, cable closets, and offices
  • Replacing outdoor and stairwell lighting with LED lights
  • Requesting that our vendors switch to earth-friendly products
  • Minimizing the overall use of paper and plastic
  • Redoubling companywide recycling efforts

Employee Actions
We also actively encourage our employees to adopt this Green Initiative both at work and at home. The result has been an increase in environmentally friendly practices, such as carpooling, printing double-sided documents, using less paper at meetings, making sure that computers are set to standby mode, and more.

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